Estate Planning

  Have you finally decided to attend to those long-overdue matters such as a Will, Trust or Incapacity planning?  You may have questions that only an experienced attorney can answer.

  The Law Office of Theresa Carter Geoffroy empowers clients to provide for their loved ones through effective estate planning.  Estate planning enables you to: control, manage, and protect your property while you are alive and well; enable someone else to take care of you and your loved ones if and when you can't; pass on values and ideals to children and grandchildren; maintain control over the property you have worked had for; efficiently transfer assets to your intended beneficiaries when you want to and how you want to; avoid delays; maintain privacy; and save your loved ones time and money.

  Preparing the proper estate plan can help you in a range of areas such as avoiding both life and death probate.  The likely elements of a comprehensive estate plan are as varied as the individuals who create them.  Usually, proper estate planning combines any number of the following:
•Lifetime control over financial and health care decision-making
•Planning for the cost-effective and expedient transfer of wealth
•Business succession planning
•Pre-nuptial Agreements
•Property Agreements

Providing for incapacity

  If you become incapacitated and can no longer handle your own financial affairs and health care decisions, someone else will have to take over on your behalf.  If you fail to plan prior to incapacitation, your loved ones may have to obtain court intervention, such as a conservatorship through living probate, in order to manage your financial affairs and health care decisions.  The conservatorship process is time consuming, stressful, expensive, and court supervised.  During the conservatorship process, the judge, who doesn't know you personally or your hopes, desires, and fears, will name an individual or entity to manage your financial affairs and health care decisions.

  Proper incapacity planning enables you to choose trusted individuals to manage your financial affairs and health care decisions for you and proper incapacity planning empowers them to act on your behalf if they need to do so.  Additionally, proper incapacity planning binds those trusted individuals to follow specific instructions that you have designed in order to meet your stated goals and objectives.  Our firm assists clients in preparing the right documents to create a plan to handle their financial affairs and health care decisions in the event of incapacitation which avoids the necessity of the conservatorship process.  Through the use of Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care Directives, our clients retain lifetime control over their financial affairs and health care decisions. 

Preserving and distribution of your assets

  Proper estate planning involves determining who are the important people in your life, what assets you own and control, and what values, goals, and hopes you have for your loved ones.  As easy as this seems, our firm is dedicated to asking the right questions in order to really determine the answers to these questions, in order to help you develop the most appropriate estate plan for you.  Depending on the value of your estate, you may need a Will, a Will and a Trust, or a Will and a combination of Trusts in order to accomplish your goals.  They key is to coordinate all of your assets into a plan that effectuates your values, goals, and hopes for your loved ones.

  Unfortunately, too many people believe that their disjointed "transfer on death" ideas will achieve their overall wishes.  Understanding what needs to be done for a particular client requires experience and knowledge of the various estate planning tools and techniques available, as well as understanding the client's particular needs.  We offer a free consultation appointment in order to identify any potential hurdles you may face in effectuating your desires for your family, and hopefully, offer a plan that will minimize the hurdles and hindrances, so that you are confident with the choices you make for your loved ones.